Working quietly, The Allied Arts is active in all forms of art
Since 1920, an organization know as The Allied Arts, Inc. has been active in Denver for the purpose of creating a greater public interest in all forms of art; painting, sculpture, dance, music, and literature. The Allied Arts gives aid financially through grants-in-aid to extremely talented and promising students. During these 90 years, the influence of the organization has been felt in the community in many ways.

For many years, a series of concerts known as Moments Musicales were given at Chappell House, but due to the vast amount of fine music now available, these concerts have been discontinued.

In the field of art, lectures and panel discussions have been sponsored by the organization at the Denver Art Museum. In 1954, a distinguished painting by the late Frank Mechau, entitled “Saturday P.M.” was purchased by The Allied Arts and presented to the Denver Art Museum for its collection of Contemporary American Art

In addition to the concerts and art exhibitions, The Allied Arts has always maintained a very active grant program with financial aid assisting worthy and talented students with private study with distinguished musicians or artists, grants for living expenses, travel and loans. The present aim of the organization is to concentrate all of its funds accumulated through donations and gifts into financial grants.

By 1959, it was estimated that over $100,000 had been spent on grants.

All grants are made through timely applications, letters of recommendation, audio files and PDF files as needed. Applicants are carefully selected to receive The Allied Arts grants.

The Allied Arts works quietly without fanfare or expensive publicity. Drives for money conducted in a low-key, letter writing manner are its substitute for fashion shows and large dinner benefits. We hope the many talented recipients that have been helped by our grants will justify your interest in The Allied Arts. A list of recipients can be found on the Grants page.


The Allied Arts is currently seeking new members for our Board of Directors. Please contact Linda Young at if you are interested in assisting young performers from Colorado.


The Allied Arts, Inc., has had a successful past year but the costs to support these talented young artists keep rising. They work and practice as hard as ever and need our help! Funds go to support career advancement in many ways, such as support to attend auditions and educational programs. We don’t want their voices or instruments silenced for lack of funds.

Won’t you please reach out to these special artists with a generous donation? The ability to assist these young artists depends on donors like you. As a lover of the arts you undoubtedly have friends you might ask to join you in this worthy cause. This is a volunteer organization and all donations go to support artists. We would like to increase our membership!

This fine organization is approaching it’s 100th anniversary. The Allied Arts, Inc., was founded in 1920 by Jean Cranmer. Her aim was to “create a greater public interest in all forms of art—painting, sculpture, music and literature; to encourage cultural and educational projects; to aid financially where it is deemed necessary or advisable, and above all, to create a stimulating atmosphere of understanding and appreciation for all those who contribute to the beauty of the world.”

Please help continue Jean Cranmer’s mission for the next hundred years!