Since its inception, The Allied Arts, Inc. has meant encouragement and aid for young Denver artists who need the help of a firm hand when groping for fulfillment. Realizing that there are certain times when the crucial expression of interest and confidence in a young artist’s work can bring new zest to a career, The Allied Arts, Inc. has made its business that of helping young careers to develop." (Allen Young, 1958, The Lively Arts).

The Pegasus logo is not accidental. The Allied Arts, Inc acknowledges the wonder of the human voice, the gift to create a new work of music, and artistic talent through dramatic arts and music and endeavors to help artists fly.
We assist those aspiring to be artists in the performing and visual arts. Generous persons who have an interest in perpetuating the arts contribute as follows:
Donor Levels
$100 or more

Additional gifts to Allied Arts' general endowment help build greater security for our program activities.

Please send donations to:
Elizabeth Sweeney, 3712 E. 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80206 or email for information.

We hold events each year and receive grants from the Bonfils Stanton Foundation. These funds and donations help us fund grants.


“Now I can finish… which would not be possible if I were not helped by The Allied Arts.”
“I had no idea that there was such an organization”
“God Bless The Allied Arts”
“Because you made my summer study in Europe possible, I can now proceed with my career goals secured by this experience added to my resume”

The Orville Moore Memorial Award

Orville Moore Memorial Award named for a Denver-born baritone who was assisted in 1950 by The Allied Arts, Inc to pursue further studies of art song and German Lieder in New York. Else Replogle, a longtime friend of the organization, with the help of the Allied Arts board created the Oville Moore Memorial Award with funds from her estate. The first Orville Moore award was given in 1992 to Larry Glenn, a professor at Lamont School of Music.


Pianists -
Therese Stewart, Roger Bingaman, David Sievers, Peter Pasztor, Ruth Parisoe, James Winn, Cheryl Saborsky
Sculptors -
William Weaver, Robert Behrens
A. Thomas Schomberg (known for his statue of Rocky in Philadelphia) *
Veronica Wery
Painters -
Kenneth Evett, Frank Mechau*, Katie McPhee
Conductors -
Daniel Moe, Antonio Wilson*, Frank Toth, Francis Graffeo
Yuko Katsumi
Bill Hill*

Singers of Note
Stephen West *, Scot Weir*, Yalun Zhang, Hao Jiang Tian*, Cynthia Lawrence*, Donald Kaasch*, Mark Calkins, Jean Glennon, Nicole Philibosian, Cynthia Makris, Frederick Burchinal*, Kathryn Krasovec
Those recepients with an asterisk have had, or currently have, wide reaching careers in major houses in the U.S. and Europe.