The Allied Arts chooses its recipients with great care
The Allied Arts provides an active grant program assisting worthy and talented PRE-PROFESSIONAL artists and students with grants for travel expenses, program fees and coaching.
"All grants are made through letters of recommendation, timely applications and audio files. Visual artists and writers may submit a PDF instead of the audio file. Applications are rigorously evaluated three times a year by The Allied Arts Board for talent and potential contributions to the arts.  Any Colorado student/resident is eligible to apply for our grants."
The objective is to aid students of exceptional talent in one of the arts at the graduate or pre-professional level. Grants are awarded to those who seek to become professionals in their chosen fields.

  • A recipient may receive no more than two grants.
  • Grant recipients must not be older than 35.
  • The Allied Arts does not fund tuition, living expenses, or projects required by a degree-granting program.
  • Applicants for grants must submit the application as well as three letters of recommendation.
  • An incomplete application may be reconsidered at the next board meeting if all documents are complete.

Download the Grant Application here as a PDF file.


1970 - Frederick Burchinal.   Baritone. Support for Juilliard studies.
1970 - Marji Tucker.   Soprano. Support for vocal studies in Los Angeles.
1970 - Thomas Halvorsen.   Baritone. Vocal studies.
1970 - Tobert Behrens.   Sculptor. Funds for Master’s degree sculpture.
1970 - James Winn.   Piano. Support to attend New England Conservatory of Music.
1970 - A Thomas Schomberg.   Sculptor. Materials and financial aid.
1971 - Richard Crickenberger.   Baritone. Funds to attend Merola Program.
1971 - Norman Phillips.   Baritone. Audition aid to audition at Manhattan School of Musica and the American Opera Center.
1971 - Dennis Kelly.   Baritone. Aid to attend the Manhattan School of Music.
1972 - John Mount.   Bass. Audition aid.
1972 - Marty Mendelsberg.   Sculptor. Funds for art work.
1972 - Michael Caldwell.   Piano. Piano lessons.
1973 - Stephen West.   Bass. Funds for two years at Curtis Institute of Music.
1973 - Rita Orona.   Soprano. Support for studies with Rose Bampton in New York City.
1973 - Eric Van Camp.   Bass. Audition aid.
1975 - Helen Palacas.   Piano. Funds to supplement Aspen Music School scholarship.
1975 - Michelle Garrison.   Theater. Voice lessons in Denver and New York City.
1975 - W. Daniel Tomberlin.   Museum display. Funds to attend seminar in museum display.
1975 - Nina Tober.   Soprano. Grant to attend the American Institute for Musical Studies in Graz, Austria.
1976 - Cynthia Makris.   Soprano. Grant to attend the American Institute for Musical Studies in Graz, Austria.
1976 - Glenn Martin.   Bass. Voice lessons and coaching in New York City.
1976 - Joseph D. Wilson.   Tennor. Support while at Juilliard School of Music in New York City.
1977 - June Shock.   Soprano. Funds towards attending the American Institute for musical Studies in Graz, Austria.
1977 - William Weaver.   Sculptor. Art materials.
1979 - Scot Weir.   Tenor. Grant to attend the American Institute for musical Studies in Graz, Austria.
1979 - Antonia Wilson.   Conductor. Assistance when attending the University of Southern California for MA.
1979 - Barbara Burdick.   Soprano. Funds for New York City studies with Eleanor Steber. Also at the Aspen School of Music.
1979 - David Sievers.   Piano. Studies in accompaniment with John Wustman at University of Illinois.
1979 - Juliana Hitpas.   Soprano. Funds to aid at Manhattan School of Music.
1980 - Donald Kasch.   Tenor. Support while attending Northwestern University for MA.
1981 - Lynne Dickey.   Soprano. Aid to attend the American Institute of Musical Studies at Graz, Austria.
1981 - Luvenia Garner.   Soprano. Support at Indiana University.
1981 - Bernadette Hoke.   Piano. Financial aid.
1982 - Nicole Philibosian.   Soprano. Voice lessons in New York City.
1983 - Cynthia Lawrence.   Soprano. Audition aid.
1983 - Terese Stewart.   Soprano. Accompanist.
1984 - Mark Calkins.   Tenor. Audition aid.
1984 - Jean Glennon.   Soprano. Support while studying in New York.
1986 - Beth Hagedorn.   Soprano. Support to attend the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria.
1986 - Jena Jeffries.   Soprano. Aid in musical studies at the University of Colorado.
1987 - Tracy Bidleman.   Soprano. Aid in musical studies at the University of Colorado.
1988 - Gail Smith-Walter.   Sculptor. Grants for ceramic sculptures.
1988 - Veronika Wery.   Violinist. Prudence Boswich Memorial Award.
1988 - Hao Jiang Tian.   Bass-baritone. Aid for attending the Aspen Music School.
1988 - Dan Gorklo.   Classical guitarist. Aid for studies at the Lamont School of Music.
1988 - John Armstrong.   Baritone. Aid for studies at the University of Colorado.