About The Allied Arts, Inc.

Since 1920, The Allied Arts, Inc., has been active in Denver for the purpose of creating a greater public interest in all forms of art: painting, sculpture, dance, music and literature. The Allied Arts provides financial aid to extremely talented and promising students through grants.

The Allied Arts depends on faithful donors to continue giving grants to artists like Michael Hoffman, Altius String Quartet, violinist Sharon Park and many others. While we receive modest funding from the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, our grants are primarily funded by individuals who are committed to supporting young pre-professional artists. We are celebrating our centennial in 2020.

Board of Directors

Linda Young, President
Robert S. Graham, Vice President
Deanna Leino, Treasurer
Mary Ann Ross, Secretary
Nellie Mae Duman, President Emeritus

The Allied Arts is currently seeking new members for our Board of Directors. Please contact Linda Young at euguneyoung934@comcast.net if you are interested in assisting young performers from Colorado.