Support The Allied Arts, Inc.

Donations can be mailed to: The Allied Arts, ATTN: Deanna Leino, 3712 Allison St., Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
or email for information.

The Allied Arts, Inc., has had a successful past year but the costs to support these talented young artists keep rising. They work and practice as hard as ever and need our help! Funds go to support career advancement in many ways, such as support to attend auditions and educational programs. We don’t want their voices or instruments silenced for lack of funds.

Won’t you please reach out to these special artists with a generous donation? The ability to assist these young artists depends on donors like you. As a lover of the arts you undoubtedly have friends you might ask to join you in this worthy cause. This is a volunteer organization and all donations go to support artists. We would like to increase our membership!

Since its inception, The Allied Arts has meant encouragement and aid for young Colorado artists who need the help of a firm hand when groping for fulfillment.

“Realizing that there are certain times when the crucial expression of interest and confidence in a young artist’s work can bring new zest to a career, The Allied Arts has made its business that of helping young careers to develop.”  ~Allen Young

Giving Levels

The Pegasus logo is not accidental. The Allied Arts acknowledges the wonder of the human voice, the gift to create a new work of music, and artistic talent through dramatic arts and music and endeavors to help artists fly.

We assist those aspiring to be artists in the performing and visual arts. Generous persons who have an interest in perpetuating the arts contribute as follows:

Contributing – $50-$74
Sustaining – $75-$99
Patron – $100-$499
Partner – $500+

Additional gifts to Allied Arts’ general endowment help build greater security for our program activities.


“In the summer of 2017, I received a very generous Allied Arts Grant. With the grant, I was able to be a Young Artist at Opera Steamboat in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I spent three weeks learning and preparing three different roles in the operas that were presented that summer. I was also able to sing in masterclasses, have weekly voice lessons, and one-on-one coachings with the fantastic music staff. All in all, it was an incredible summer and an important learning opportunity on my musical journey. Without the grant, I would not have been able to attend Opera Steamboat; so I’m grateful to the entire Allied Arts Board. Thank you for allowing young singers these incredible opportunities—keep up the good work!” 
~Danielle Lombardi, mezzo-soprano 

“Allied Arts was extremely helpful in their financial assistance for my attendance at the International Keyboard Institute and Festival in New York City. It is difficult to pay festival fees and to travel across the country. I also needed to take time off from concerts and lessons. Allied Arts played a major role in allowing me to attend and therefore broaden my horizons by participating in some fantastic masterclasses and seeing excellent recitals.” 
~Josh Sawicki, piano

“Now I can finish… which would not be possible if I were not helped by The Allied Arts.”

“I had no idea that there was such an organization”

“God Bless The Allied Arts”

“Because you made my summer study in Europe possible, I can now proceed with my career goals secured by this experience added to my resume”